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Denim Furisode "1yr"

Denim Furisode "1yr"

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KAPUKI's denim furisode collection, the classic indigo color "1yr".
This is an original furisode that pursues the unique texture of authentic denim by washing and stitching made by Japanese denim craftsmen.
(Obi and other accessories sold separately)

♦︎Customers who will celebrate the coming-of-age ceremony in January 2023 ♦︎
Orders for denim furisode that will be delivered by the end of December 2022,
Due to the production deadline, it will be until September 13, 2022 .
Please pay attention to the period if you are considering purchasing.
Thank you very much.


size Assumed height hip sleeve Length (from shoulder) Sleeve Length front cloth Back width undergarment
S. 158〜165 82-90 63 160 106 22.5 26 14.5
M. 163〜168 90-98 66 164 106 24.5 29 14.5
L. 166-172 92-100 68 170 106 26 30 14.5

*There may be slight differences
* Click here for inquiries about size and other details


Denim furisode: 100% cotton
We use 11 ounces of solid denim fabric. For this reason, we recommend wearing it during autumn and winter and other seasons other than midsummer.

Nagajuban: 100% polyester
Half-collar: Yogibishi white/black silk 100% (washable)

【Country of origin】

Made to order.
2022/9/14〜2023/4/15 Orders
Delivery end of August 2023

2023/4/16〜2023/9/15 Orders
Delivery at the end of December 2023

The color may fade if it gets wet or scratched.
Please be careful of discoloration when washing.
Please avoid using the dryer.
As each item is processed one by one, it may differ slightly from the indicated size. note that.
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