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Furisode KAPUKI photo story book/catalog (special free gift)

Furisode KAPUKI photo story book/catalog (special free gift)

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A book that spins the future of furisode, with visuals and interviews filled with KAPUKI's philosophy, is complete!
The latest look worn by seasonal models and artists in the new furisode collection. A column of craftsmen and artists who look at tradition with a modern sensibility. A family interview celebrating the milestones of life with kimono. A 20-year-old dialogue that uses love as a weapon to open up the future...
This is the definitive KAPUKI furisode photo book that we want to deliver to people of all generations, including new adults.

・Furisode KAPUKI photo story book ・Furisode explanation catalog (from 2019 to 2021)

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It will be delivered sequentially from January 11, 2022.

○ A new collection of long-sleeved kimono KAPUKI worn by a young model Miro ○ Long-established obi craftsman Genbei Kondaya 10th generation talks about the idea of ​​innovation in manufacturing ○ An interview with a kimono and a family that will become a treasure along with their thoughts while changing colors and shapes ○ 19-year-old Paris Collection fashion model Kanon Hirata wears a furisode that spreads to the world of mode ○ Kimono inherited from mother to daughter while enjoying herself on the 13th pilgrimage ○ “Wednesday Campanella” 2nd generation vocalist Utaha collaboration, denim Furisode latest look that can be played freely from to miniskirt ○Artist MANON x Utaha, 20 years old, future talk “The power of wearing what you like” ○Designer Nishioka Pencil draws a living pattern that decorates the world ○Crossover culture, Mademoiselle Yulia wants to convey the charm of kimono ○ KAPUKI original furisode collection worn by seasonal it girls ○ Philosophy of furisode KAPUKI ○ Special appendix ・Self-check furisode that suits you "Face Hame Furisode Karuta" included

¥1,650 (tax included)
Free gifts for 2023/2024 coming-of-age ceremonies!
On sale January 11, 2022
A4 variant 80 pages

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