Coming-of-age ceremony rental "Houndstooth"
Coming-of-age ceremony rental "Houndstooth"

Coming-of-age ceremony rental "Houndstooth"

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  • 香水はつけないようにお願いいたします。
  • ヘアスタイリング剤やファンデーションの付着に十分ご注意ください。
  • アクセサリー等での引っ掻きや、離着席時や扉の取っ手の引っ掛けに十分ご注意ください。
  • 万が一、着物に飲み物がこぼれたり汚れが付着してしまった時は、ハンカチで軽く抑えていただく程度にご対応いただき、水を付けて拭いたり、洗濯やアイロン、補修したりしないようご注意ください。


〈2024年ご成人式 振袖レンタル〉
当店発送日 2023年12月27日(水) *お受け取り日は各地域でお調べください
お客様ご返送日 2024年1月9日(火)

〈2025年ご成人式 振袖レンタル〉
当店発送日 2025年1月6日(水) *お受け取り日は各地域でお調べください
お客様ご返送日 2025年1月16日(火)




  • 修復困難な破損・汚れ・紛失がある場合
  • 香水や喫煙等、匂いが移ってしまった場合
  • マニキュア、ジェルネイル、接着剤等が振袖、帯等に付着した場合
  • タバコの火などにより焼失した場合




  • 2023年・2024年 6月27日まで:無料
  • 2023年・2024年 6月28日~9月27日:ご利用料金の 25%
  • 2023年・2024年 9月28日~11月27日:ご利用料金の 50%
  • 2023年・2024年 11月28日~12月27日:ご利用料金の 100%

The rental period is 10 days or more from the end of the year to Coming-of-Age Day.
You can wear it as many times as you like during the period. Mode and stylish than anyone else. Celebrate Coming-of-Age Day with KAPUKI's special kimono coordination.
Rental customers will receive a special 50% off coupon for the furisode rental fee for the photo plan!

*Contracts are made on a first-come, first-served basis.
*The contract will be concluded after the online payment is completed.
* Reservations for coming-of-age ceremony rentals are accepted online.
* After completing the online reservation, you can come to the store at a later date to try on and purchase accessories.

Please order after confirming and agreeing to the rental terms and conditions.

[Contract target]
Everyone who will be coming of age ceremony in 2024. Furisode rental for coming-of-age ceremony.
Height 155cm ~ 175cm (If purchased, it can be tailored according to your height)

【set content】
Furisode will be rented with torso coordination.
<Items included> Furisode, undergarment, obi, obiage, obijime, layered collar, set cleaning fee (Half collar, footwear, hair ornament, obi clip, tabi, underwear, and accessories are not included. *Available at our shop. )
*If you want to change the combination of furisode and obi, please purchase it.

[rental period]
〈2024 coming-of-age ceremony furisode rental〉
Our store shipping date: December 27, 2023 (Wednesday)
Customer return date January 9, 2024 (Tuesday)

*Please check the pick-up date in each region. .
Shipping is free.
Please check in advance as the delivery date varies depending on the area where you live.
You can wear it as many times as you like during the rental period.

【cancellation policy】
Regarding cancellation after contract, please check in advance as cancellation fee will be charged as follows.

Until June 27, 2023: Free
June 28, 2023 to September 27, 2023: 25% of the usage fee
September 28th to November 27th, 2023: 50% of the usage fee
November 28-December 27, 2023: 100% of the usage fee

Please order after confirming and agreeing to the rental terms and conditions.

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